Trine University Men's Cross Country Records

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*We are seeking further information on past All-Americans at Trine and Tri-State. We are also seeking records from the WHAC and NAIA eras. If you can provide information on any information missing from the above records, please contact Jeff Hoedt, Sports Information Director.

Below is the Trine men's cross country record book.

Event Mark Date Name  
Cross Country 24:41.4   10/28/17   Robert Lewis Duke  
Cross Country- Home Course   25:39.0 Unknown Jeff Lauber  



Year Conference Affiliation
1972-73 Mid-Central* NAIA
1974-75 Mid-Central* NAIA
1975-76 Mid-Central* NAIA
1976-77 Mid-Central* NAIA
1977-78 Mid-Central* NAIA
1978-79 Mid-Central* NAIA
1979-80 Mid-Central* NAIA
* - now known as the Crossroads League