Thunder Esports Continues to Grow Under Isbell

Thunder Esports Continues to Grow Under Isbell

Taking over Trine Esports has been a wonderful opportunity; however, that doesn't mean there haven't been challenges along the way.

Although many of our players are competing together for the first time, our student-athletes are passionate and want to make Trine University the forefront organization for college esports.

They have already enjoyed some early successes, besting heavy hitters including the University of Utah in Heroes of the Storm. So far this season Trine has maintained a 4-2 record within the Great Lakes Esports Conference (GLEC).

The GLEC is the result of Trine and several other universities banding together to create a league that offers students routine, stability and sustainability. The GLEC has been a welcomed change to collegiate esports and created a localized tournament structure that adds value to the collegiate athletic experience.

We want to thank all of the member institutions that have helped come together to create a vibrant league for our students, as well as their own.

--Travis Isbell, Trine University Director of Esports